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Don't have much to say other than these works are awesome and the artists deserve some of your love! 
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Red Eyes (Paint Over)
The Red eyed beast returns

This is a picture of a monster i drew BASED OFF the "Snarbolax" (or was it Snarbalox?) form spiral knights as seen with the spikes, 6 red eyes and dark coat, THIS IS WERE THE SIMILARITIES STOP, instead of being a giant feline looking beast this is instead a chimera of a few different creatures.

Unlike a traditional "Goat head on a Zebra body with a Snake for a tail because why the hell not" thing, i went for how the Indominus Rex was in Jurassic World (which is more of a chimera dinosaur than a hybrid dinosaur if you think about it) were the "ingredients" used aren't so easy to point out and are instead subtle little details in the creature.

The "ingredient creatures" used in making this Red Eyed monster includes:
. Canine (head slightly resembles that of a canine and some of its behaviors resemble that of a wolves)
. Lion (its mane and body design, it's roar seems to sound closer to that of a lion but some other roars can be heard mixed in with it)
. Spiked creature (its coat is made up of THOUSANDS of spikes and quills that can shoot out like darts)
. Wyvern (4th finger acts similar to Pterosaurs but is used as a large blade instead of flight also has Theropod like legs)
. Human (it has a high intelligence, allowing it to plan, lay traps, memorize and even use objects like weapons if needed)
. Demons (black coloration, bladed tail tip and ferocity in combat, the multiple eyes and their colour might have also been effected by this)

i have went over a copy of the original picture using paint (tried my best to make it look professional) hopefully you all find it exceptable :)
Evolzar Dolkka
Dragon/Xyz monster
Dolkka can only be summoned by having 2 level 4 Dinosaur type monsters on the field and using them as "Xyz material"
Dolkkas ability is to use 1 of the Xyz material to negate monster effects and destroy the monster using the effect

The monster that gave me my username (if i actually spelled it right anyway)
either way Dolkka is 1 of my favorite Yu-Gi-Oh monsters and i am proud of how this came out :D
due to the white colour the monster had i might be able to actually COLOUR this one :XD:
to be fully honest i am shocked by the lack of love the Evolzars get, when i search for a good image of them all i find are just images of their cards... usually in a poor quality
either way i hope you all like this :aww:


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