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Saurian Pokemon :iconevodolka:Evodolka 11 26 Basilisk :iconevodolka:Evodolka 9 27 Wyvern Scale Armor :iconevodolka:Evodolka 12 10 Saurian dinosaurs :iconevodolka:Evodolka 15 36 Evolsaur Cerato :iconevodolka:Evodolka 10 7 Tyrant Demon :iconevodolka:Evodolka 16 16 Red Eyes :iconevodolka:Evodolka 4 12 SPIRAL KNIGHTS: Chromalisk Alchemy Line :iconevodolka:Evodolka 10 14 Blue Exorcist Salamnder :iconevodolka:Evodolka 12 18


Dancer :iconshurakrgt:ShuraKRGT 30 2 [C] Seraphina Character Sheet :iconrukkochii:Rukkochii 11 2 Catfood Tin Top Scoop :iconlgliang:lgliang 15 1
UtahraptorWeek and Spec Challenge
Spec Challenge 1# just ended and I will soon begin to bring all the entries into one, maybe even two, videos.
I have some concepts in mind how to bring everything together but we will see, because of the sheer mass of entries 
not all pictures will get the attention they deserve, but one has to make cuts somewhere.
In other news: we at Earth Archive have in the moment #UtahraptorWeek to celebrate our raptorial friends and to 
raise awareness for the Utahraptor Project! 
See the initial article here:
There is also a competition going on at Love in the Time of Chasmosaurus, and one of the prizes
is a picture+a speedsketch from me.
Other parts of Paleo-bloggosphere will soon take their part in #UtahraptorWeek, so that no one can escape! :evillaugh:
I also did something for today
:iconhyrotrioskjan:Hyrotrioskjan 4 0
Therizinosaur study: bamboo forest :iconthewoodparable:TheWoodParable 24 3 The Emperor's new legs :iconthewoodparable:TheWoodParable 45 19 Nessie - a derived spinosaurid :iconthewoodparable:TheWoodParable 151 37 Smilodon fatalis and her winter coat :iconthewoodparable:TheWoodParable 20 3 They really do... :iconthewoodparable:TheWoodParable 108 24 Parasaurolophus walkeri scale drawing :iconthewoodparable:TheWoodParable 55 14 New Japanse Tyrannosaur :iconthewoodparable:TheWoodParable 81 12 ''Changdusaurus laminoplacodus'' :iconthewoodparable:TheWoodParable 33 2 Triceratops horridus dancing in the firelight :iconthewoodparable:TheWoodParable 60 5 Atopodentatus unicus :iconthewoodparable:TheWoodParable 28 6 Beach Boys of Hell Creek (Saurian fanart) :iconthewoodparable:TheWoodParable 88 23 cindy :iconrasbii:Rasbii 425 13



Saurian Pokemon
so recently i was playing Pokemon and i realized that i could make a team of fossil Pokemon that can represent the playable dinosaurs in saurian (minus Anzu and Ankylosaurus) and so i based this picture off a picture of the 4 dinosaurs, i know the sizes here aren't exactly accurate to the Pokemon themselves but i was trying more to match the actual saurian picture rather than the Pokemon
(besides the height system in the Pokemon world is broken)
here is the picture that my picture is based off…
Tyrantrum - Tyrannosaurus Tyrantrum
Bastiodon - Triceratops #411 Bastiodon
Archeops - Dakotaraptor Archeops
Rampardos - Pachycephalosaurus #409 Rampardos

just 2 off a full team CURSE YOU! 

i had a lot of fun making this and i am pleasantly surprised by how well the colouring went :D
all i can say is i hope the next  fossil Pokemon are an Ankylosaurus and an Oviraptor looking one so i can have a complete team of 6 :D
Latin - Basiliscus Vipera
Race - Demon
Length - 13m
Weight - 1135kg
Diet - Carnivore

The Basilisk is a creature of myth also known as the king of snakes due to it's crown like horns, a beast so dangerously poisonous that even the grass around it dies just with contact to the monster, merely looking into the eyes of this creature will kill you, if you were to stab it it's highly toxic blood would flow right up your blade and kill not only you but everything you were making contact with (if you were on a horse when this happened it would die too) truly a terrifying beast of legend worthy to be called "the King of all Snakes"
it's weaknesses are the cooing of a rooster and the only creature immune to the "death stare" is the mongoose (famed for their aggression towards snakes)

Hope you all like this, it was the first time i have drew a serpent with an actual snake looking head (last snake i drew before this was like 12 or so years ago when i was like 7) i'd say i did a pretty good job :D
though I know my depiction might not be THAT accurate to the myth
it wasn't giant like it is shown here only about 1.21m long, i just went with a giant to add to it's power over an entire species of reptiles :D
the pictures i usually see show it with a chicken like head rather than a snake looking one (not sure why)
and for the few of you wandering why it has legs when its a snake, the basilisk is usually depicted with up to 6 legs
my inspiration for this was when i saw the Dalamadur from monster hunter and i thought it looks so freaking awesome when it was coiled around a mountain :la:

either way i had a lot of fun with this one and best of luck to you all :D
Wyvern Scale Armor
Yep looks like its another spiral knight armor set :D

This is the Wyvern scale set, it is the middle stage of the Scale line of armors being stronger than Drake scale but weaker than Dragon scale.
The Scale armors give you a very good defence against elemental and piercing damage, this armor also give you a resistance to both poison and burns making it most effective against poison/fire type slimes and beast monsters.

The Sclale armors also give you the passive ability to deal more damage to beast type monsters, this perk is called "Predator" and makes fighting creatures like chromalisks and wolvers much easier, couple this ability with a weapon that deals piece damage and you will be devastating to beast types.

the down side to having Scale armor is its complete lack of defence against dark and normal damage meaning monsters like devilites, and spookats are a pain to fight as they can kill you very easily.

If your wondering why i chose to draw Wyvern instead of dragon scale it's because the armors look way to similar so if you want you could just imagine this is dragon scale instead ^^;
The differences are:
. light blue scales on Wyvern - red scales on dragon
. gray metal parts on Wyvern - blackish brown metal parts on dragon
. shield you can see in the top corner- add fire over the spikes and make the colours match the dragon colours

this picture was a lot of fun to draw, even though this is probably 1 of the worst armors out there (found that out too late) it still looks super cool to me and that damage boost to beasts is also a lot of fun to use :D
either way i hope that you all enjoy my picture :aww:
Saurian dinosaurs
To celebrate the final day of Dinovember i decided to do fan art for an upcoming game called Saurian, in it you get to play as 6 playable dinosaurs
. Tyrannosaurus Rex (Tyrant Lizard King)
. Triceratops (Three Horned Face)
. Dakotaraptor (Dakota Thief)
. Pachycephalosaurus (Thick Headed Lizard)
. Anzu (named after a feathered Demon in Mesopotamian mythology)
. Ankylosaurus (Fused lizard)
the other dinosaurs who are in the picture but not playable are Anatosaurus (Duck Lizard) and Quetzalcoatlus (Named after the feathered serpent in Aztec mythology)

i know i have missed out some dinosaurs and other creatures but i couldn't think of where to put them where they would have been visible ^^;
also if i got any of the sizes wrong then i am truly sorry, but i tried my best to keep them to scale :aww:

hope you all like it and i hope you all had a lovely Dinovember :D
Baby raptor iconReal Heavy Weight
Evolsaur Cerato
If you have ever played the card game Yugioh you MIGHT have heard of the Evoltile, Evolsaur & Evolzar monsters
if not then all you should know is that they are fire type dinosaur monsters with the theme of evolution from Reptiles -> Dinosaurs -> Dragons

this one here is my favorite Evolsaur not only for its design but also because of its ability
"when summoned by the effect of an Evoltile this monster gains 200 to its attack"
not that much of a boost but it is certainly better than NOTHING isn't it :D

hope you all like it, i MIGHT go back and colour it all in someday in the future
and i do plan on doing other Evolsaurs in the future as well :)


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