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Latin: Salamandra Ignis
Race: Demon
Species: Elemental
Height: 1 Meters
Length: 5 Meters
Weight: 600 Kg

Salamanders are truly bizarre demons, they have the body like a snake, a growth cycle similar to frogs and a life style similar to komodo dragons.
They exist in areas of extreme heat so they naturally reside in tunnels deep underground or near volcanoes and in some cases they have been found in deserts, though only rarely, they are beings born of fire and so require it to survive.

Salamanders are 1 of the few types of Demons we humans know a lot about, including the life cycle:
. STAGE 1 - At the beginning of their lives, they start of as just a burning skull that seems to swim through flames and lava like a tadpole, these young salamanders grow as long as they are burning, almost as if they feed off the heat.
. STAGE 2 - In the next stage in their growth they will develop a long serpentine body, scientists are not quite certain HOW they form a body but with this new body they can leave their home flame and search for food which consists of burnable material like wood, plants, animals and even fuel sources like oil and gas, which it ignites with a long flaming tongue and consumes the flames as they burn.
. STAGE 3 - Adult salamanders create limbs out of the burnt up ashes of the kindle found and consumed when it was still young, similar to the Yeti and its arms made of ice these limbs are made out of a very special form of coal that is durable enough to hold up the salamanders heaver body and strong enough to allow the creature to dig deep underground, these powerful new limbs also allow the salamander to leap long distances to capture prey, some have even been known to look for fuel to add to bonfires to help raise their young.

Salamanders have been recorded to actually be persuaded to not attack as long as they are given a treat like lumps of coal, this has actually lead to us humans to both learn about the lives of Salamanders and even have them help us fend off attack from other Demons like Ghouls.
They have an extreme hatred for Yeti, this is probably due to the 2 elements not mixing well together, when salamanders come in contact with a Yeti the 2 will battle ferociously until 1 or both have been destroyed.

There are still some mystery behind the Salamanders like how they came to be:
. BORN OF FLAMES - Some religions state they are born from the infernal flames of hell itself with the flames having a will of their own and a desire to destroy.
. ALCHEMY - In some old texts some alchemists stated that they managed to create salamanders using sulphur, obsidian, coal, the eggs of a salamander (the normal animal kind) and finally ignited in a kiln for 9 months, this supposedly created the 1st salamanders through a homunculus like method.
. DEATH BY FIRE - Some old sources believe that Salamanders were born from the souls of those burned to death during the witch trials of old, with the burned souls being reborn from the flames and seeking for those who wronged them in life.

Hope you all enjoyed this
Salandit spriteSalazzle sprite
the day this is posted celebrates the 2 year anniversary of my very 1st picture here on deviant art
(which was a fan art of a salamander from blue exorcist)
i wanted to try something new with the design of the salamander here, i see a lot of amphibian or lizard designs but i have never seen a serpentine like salamander so i went for it, i also loved the way Axolotl have their feathery gills out so i gave this salamander those to not only show the relation to the amphibian name sake but also to add more style to the design
thank you for the 2 years of support on this website, it really means a lot :aww:


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Seth Owens
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Hi I'm Seth, looking forward to using deviant art more.
After 2 years of not really doing anything on this sight i have really managed to blitz through a lot of art submissions since the end of 2016.

If you look at my gallery you will notice a lot of animals, mainly of the dinosaurian variety, this is because i am a paleontology nut and have been interested in it since i was a very young age, my love for paleontology has also influenced some of my non dinosaur art.
I also draw a few demonic creatures as well because i am a fan of interesting mythology and i feel like I can have a lot of fun with demon designs, be they real myths or just made up.
I have also made some fan art of games but not much, i mainly focus on animals and wild life as i am not the best when it comes to human designs sadly, though if i feel proud enough of what i have drew i might plan on posting a human character some time.


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